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3" Round High Productivity Sanding Tool

3" Round High Productivity Sanding Tool



Premium tools designed and manufactured by auto body guys for auto body guys, right here in the USA!




3 Variations : for adhesive sandpaper,Velcro and Velcro Vacuum.


  • Sand concave surfaces quickly and accurately. (Concave surfaces found on most newer vehicles.)
  • Blocks make greater contact with concave surfaces, reducing sanding time!
  • You will use less body filler, saving you money!
  • Blocks are easy to hold on to and reduce wrist rolling, lowering worker fatigue!
  • 3" High Productivity Round block available in 3 Variations (See drop down menu above)


Body work is our passion, our tools were created to make your life easier!
We have a unique variety of block types and sizes available, check out our other listings.


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