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  • What are JTCAN sanding tools designed to do?
    JTCAN sanding tools are designed to easily conform to double-curved surfaces, yielding fast professional results in less time, using less body filler.
  • What makes JTCAN blocks different?
    JTCAN sanding tools are designed to handle the complex curved shapes found on newer vehicles. Each sanding tool is manufactured to outperform typical flat-bottomed sanders. Our Sanding tools have ergonomic handles. Handles are designed for comfort and drastically reduce worker fatigue.
  • Why are JTCAN Sanding Tools flexible in 2 directions?
    Our unique design allows the sanding tool to easily adjust and conform to curved body panels. Our special blend of rubber compounds makes the sanding tool flexible, and easy to handle. You make more contact with the work surface for fast accurate results! The bottom of the sanding tool focuses more pressure on the high areas of body filler and quickly evens out the surface. We call this action Dynamic Deformation.
  • What materials are JTCAN Sanding tools made from?
    Our sanding tools are made with high quality rubber and plastic compounds. Raw materials are sourced right here in the United States.
  • Do JTCAN Sanding Tools have any warranty?
    All of our sanding blocks are backed by our 90-day factory defect warranty. We will replace or repair any defective item. We are proud to say no item has ever needed repair or replacement since our inception in 2016.
  • Why are JTCAN Sanding Tools more costly than other sanding tools?
    All JTCAN Sanding Tools are manufactured using premium materials right here in New York. JTCAN Tools are made with Quality and Longevity in mind. JTCAN Tools are not light weight foam blocks that are cheap to make and come from some foreign country. JTCAN sanding tools work with you not against you. The technology in our Tools allows you to glide across curved panels eliminating all the guesswork. JTCAN Sanding Tools make more contact, and you make more money! JTCAN Sanding Tools equals High Productivity! Competitors sanding tools require abundant hand manipulation and the need to rotate your wrist while only a small portion of the sander touches the work surface. Wasted time and wasted materials equals low productivity and decreased profits!

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