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Our Story

My journey to becoming a professional auto body man, and eventually the CEO of JTCAN Industries, started back in 1982. I was a young man flipping burgers at the local Wendy’s fast-food restaurant. There, the most amazing muscle cars and hot rods would come to the drive-thru! I knew that I wanted one of those amazing cars, but at my salary it was impossible. At that time I decided to learn to build my own car, beginning with auto body.  Eventually, with practice and perseverance, my body work improved … but I wanted to take to take it to the next level. I enrolled at Bergen Technical Institute and took every Auto Body class the school offered. 


My training at BTI, combined with many years of hands-on experience, resulted in a very high level of proficiency. 

As the years went on, I began to realize that this industry provides us with very rudimentary sanding tools. Most tools have flat bottoms and offer little flexibility. I thought to myself – “how can I sand these increasingly curvy cars, some with multiple curves, more efficiently, faster, and with less frustration”?  I put my gray matter to work – and was determined to invent a unique sanding tool that would conform to, and sand, two curves at once!  

After many years of development, engineering, reengineering and field testing, I eventually invented a sanding tool with the perfect shape, material density, and flexibility to handle complex, multi curved surfaces.


At JTCAN Industries, our mission is to provide you with an affordable line of sanding tools for today’s Auto Body Professional, specifically designed with YOU in mind.

Rest assured, you will achieve consistently professional results, in less time, with less effort, particularly on vehicles with multiple curves.


That’s our story. We look forward to hearing from you.


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