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Auto Body Master Sanding Tool Set of 34 by JTCAN Industries

Auto Body Master Sanding Tool Set of 34 by JTCAN Industries


Premium tools designed and manufactured by auto body guys, for auto body guys, right here in the USA!




  •  High Productivity Set of 9 Sanders 
  •  Our New Technology allows you to sand double curved and multi curved surfaces quickly and accurately.
  • You get 3 (12") blocks, 3 (6)" blocks and 3 (3") blocks with 3 different shapes or variations.
  • The 3 variations are:
  • HP Round for concave surfaces.
  • HP Flat Flex Edge for areas of transition
  • HP Curve Huggr for double curved surfaces.
  • Choose a set for adhesive backed sandpaper, Velcro or Velcro Vacuum sandpaper. (see drop down menu above)
  •  Adjust -A-Curve set of 3 sanding tools 
  • Turn the adjusting knob to draw sanding pad/base towards handle.
  • Reset as needed, sanding pad stays where you set it for repeatable results!
  • Set includes a 10", 6" and 6" Narrow
  • Available for Velcro or adhesive backed sandpaper. (see drop down menu above)
  •  Flare block set of 4 
  • Blocks are Multi Sided to handle many different shapes.
  • Blocks are  ideal for sanding flared areas around wheel openings.
  • Set includes 9x2",7x1", 4x1" and a 3x2" (sizes are approximate).
  • Blocks accept adhesive backed sandpaper.
  •  Super Mini Block set of 3  (each approx. 12" long)
  • Super minis are perfect when a full-size block is to large or wide for the area being sanded.

  • Designed to sand body filler, primer and wet sanding of clear coat too.
  • Ideal for  checking and truing up your bodywork.
  • Easy to hold on to!
  • Set includes: 1 (12") Flat Flexible Edge block, 1 (12") Round bottom block, and 1 (12") Triangle Flat block.
  • Widths are around 1". (Sizes are approximate)
  • Super mini blocks are made for adhesive backed sandpaper.
  •  Mini Block Set of 6 

  • Perfect little sanding blocks for paint runs,small dents,car detailing, motorcycle body work, arts and crafts and woodworking too!

    Set of 6 Mini blocks includes:

    • 1 Flat Triangle size 2 3/4" x 1 1/4" 
    • 1 Flat with flexible edge size 2 3/4" x 1 1/4"
    • 1 Round bottom size 2 3/4" x 1 1/4"
    • 1 Flat triangle size 1" x 1"
    • 1 Flat with flexible edge size 1" x 1"
    • 1 Round bottom size 1" x 1"
    • Sizes are approximate. (blocks use adhesive backed sandpaper)
  •   Sanding stick set of 3 

  • Great for sanding body filler, primer and wet sanding too. 

  • Very usefull around body definition lines and peaks.

  • Set includes: 1 (12") Flat Flexible Stick, 1 (12") Round Flexible stick, 1 (12") Half Round Flexible Stick.

    Widths are around 1". (Sizes are approximate)

     Rubber Sanding Stick Set made for adhesive backed sandpaper.


  •  Finishing Pad Sander 6" 

  • Finishing pad easily conforms to curved areas, making difficult jobs a breeze.

  • Can be used to sand body filler, glaze, primer surfacer and for wet sanding too. 

  • Block is super flexible yet has a hard surface for fast accurate results!

  • Designed for adhesive backed paper.


  •  Multi-Stick Sander 12" 

  • Perfect tool for sanding up to body lines.

  • Multi-sided for versatility.

  • It's like many sanding blocks in one! 

  • Designed for adhesive backed sandpaper.


  •  Flange Tapper Set of 3 

  • Flange tappers are plastic tapping tools designed to work in tight spots. (typically, flanged areas)

  • They are used to tap metal with minimal to no damage to the painted surface.


  •  Ridge Tapper 

  • Ridge Tapper Tool is ideal for tapping away ridges and high spots in metal and aluminum.

  • Perfect way to cleanly transfer hammer blows to work surface.

  • Great along damaged panel edges especially aluminum hoods.

  • Can be used for PDR work too.

Body work is our passion! JTCAN Tools/blocks were created to make your life easier!
By using the tools in the JTCAN Industries Master Set you will achieve fast professional results,
in far less time while using less materials!
Choose a set for Adhesive Sandpaper, Velcro or Velcro Vacuum paper.
Please note some blocks only utilize adhesive sandpaper.
(This is purely for the best functionality).
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